Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas was over a month ago but somehow we are still jammin' out to Disney Christmas carols in my car.  I just keep forgetting to change out our CD changer and Connor is absolutely addicted to "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"  Oh well.

We spent Christmas with our families in NC.  This was the first time in 3 years we didn't have to take a transatlantic flight to get there.  What a relief.  It was also our last Christmas with Connor as an only child and she milked it for all she could.

Christmas is such a special time to be pregnant.  The maternal connection to what Mary must have been feeling, at least in part, so long ago. This Christmas Eve we took Connor with us to our church's candlelight service.  She was wonderful - sat still, sang hymns, and was quiet.  I was a proud Mama.  She must have known Santa was on his way!

Christmas Day was a busy one.  We went back and forth and then back and forth again in between our parents' houses.  We started with stockings at Lin-Lin's.
Clay was a sweet dog.
Connor found two new muh-muhs!  With the all important silky sides!

Then back to the in-laws in time for the Uncles mid-morning wake up call and the traditional staircase photo.
What do you know?  Santa found Connor at Cara's too!

It turned into a White Christmas!  Somewhere Bing Crosby was smiling and crooning away.  While Kirk and I took off for Santa Fe Connor got plenty of grandparent love!

Connor has a minor obsession with Cara's Baby Jesus nativities!  She loves to line them all up on the piano.

Definitely a Christmas to remember!

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