Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sushi and the Baby Boy

Recently a group of 7 of us hosted a shower for our friend, Heather, who is expecting her first baby in early February.  It has been too long since I last hosted a milestone celebration.  I had the best time housing the special event in our home. 
 It was especially nice sharing hostess duties with so many lovely ladies - they took care of all the food planning.  Heather's sister decided to cater with Whole Foods (a big hit!) and she insisted Heather would love sushi at the shin dig.  So there we were with a sushi lunch and neon green punch.

 And the largest, most delectable cupcakes to top it all off!

 I was particularly pleased all the ladies fit in the same area in our home - in somewhat of a circle.  Folks seemed comfortable and jovial in support of Heather.

 Me with the mommy-to-be!
 We did the best "activity" at this shower (not my idea, but a great one).  Each lady picked up a present which they didn't bring along with dessert.  At the same time everyone opened up their chosen gift and held it.  When everyone was done we went around the room one-by-one and each guest showed off the gift while we oooh'd and aaaah'd together.  I think it really helped take the pressure off our guest of honor.  Heather got to sit back and enjoy and admire.

We can't wait to meet this new baby boy and welcome him into our neighborhood.  Good luck Heather!

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