Monday, May 9, 2011

Gone to Carolina in my Mind

To top off a busy weekend we headed to Chapel Hill, NC to celebrate the end of an era.  Uncle Davis - the 4th of 4 brothers- graduated from UNC on Mother's Day!  We were thrilled to be a part of his milestone.  
We had prime, covered seats in the "Pope Box" - lucky us!  It was a grey, rainy morning but nothing was going to stop those graduates on their day.  Here they are marching in with their brilliant Carolina blue gowns.  Connor thought it was very fun to spot the "blues" as she called them.
Anmama, Evan, Kirk and Connor during the ceremony.

After many renditions of pomp and circumstance they all made it in.  It gave me goosebumps when they turned their tassels the sun broke through and shone bright right on this section of the stadium.  The sudden bright blue reminded us how God loves Carolina!

We had to snap a few Mother's Day photos!  This was of course a day for Davis, but I did take a little time to give thanks for my sweet daughter and the moms in my life.

We met Davis back at the DKE Fraternity house.  Carol outdid herself coordinating everything.  She even made these photo board for the boys.

Before lunch it was outside for a myriad grouping of photos.  Kirk entertained Connor!

Everything was spick and span, but there were a few remnants of the parties that preceded us.
Look at that handsome graduate!

Way to go Davis!  We have always and will continue to cheer for all you!  We love you.

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