Monday, May 9, 2011

Carolina Girls - Reunited!

College girlfriends are the very best.  When I told mine about my pregnancy they asked what they could do to honor this new little life?  I could think of nothing that suited me more than to spend quality time together.  To soak in their love and support.  To refill my college roommate love tank and to catch up on their busy lives.  Brooke flew in from Colorado.  We met up with Beth and Adair in Greensboro.  There was tons of yummy food, a relaxing childfree spa visit, and Kentucky Derby viewing with (virgin) mint juleps.  We placed superficial bets - I was rooting for "Pants on Fire" with the redheaded female jockey.  None of us predicted correctly though.

Adair always inspires creative cooking.  She is a pro.  We helped her make Watermelon-Basil water as well as a grilled potato salad and black bean dip from scratch.  We came away with some new cooking tips!  Food preparation is a joy with the chatter and laughter of the dearest friends as you follow recipes.

We ended with a backyard cookout.  Our children are loving each other too.  
Will driving around in his car.
Adaiah crawling full force in the grass.
Connor and Rutley posing for a photo.
Will and Rutley holding hands.
Connor and Will hugging each other.
What a fluke that we would all have blond children for our first?!?  They were very sweet together.
Baby Nell has her mom and daddy's eyes - that lucky girl!
Playing with trains on the deck table.

Adair and Eric are the best hosts.  They even thought to grill bananas for us for dessert....
...don't they look yummy?!?  Warm 'nanas with brown sugar right off the grill!  They hit the spot!
Special Watermelon-Basil water with frozen grape stirrers.
We tried to put Connor to bed in Will's room but they couldn't stop talking to each other!  At 11 PM we had to separate the chatterboxes!
We are planning annual Roommate Reunions now.  Next year - Colorado with Brooke for the Telluride Music Festival!

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