Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anticipating Our Baby Boy

We will have this baby boy in our arms by Thursday morning - or sooner!  It is hard to believe this is our last weekend pre-baby.  Let the chaos begin!  We are laying low and preparing for the week ahead.  I feel very blessed to have the love and good wishes of so many during this pregnancy.  I have always been a pretty firm believer that the second pregnancy doesn't demand the same pomp and circumstance as a first - you have already been showered - but my friends have insisted on celebrating this baby boy in the kindest ways.
I work at a Pediatric multispecialty clinic.  Translation - I am surrounded by Pediatricians and Neonatologists.  They all keep close tabs on me insisting I go to the full term 40 weeks; they take good care of me.  Several weeks ago they had a shower, despite my assertion it was not necessary.  There was a lot of baby blue, baby games galore and most of all the joy, love, and hugs from those who have watched my belly grow daily!

Also my sweet neighbors planned a wonderful night out in anticipation and celebration.  Four ladies took me out on the town to a hip and happening dinner at JCT Kitchen.  I rode there in a convertible and we laughed and gabbed and ate as good girlfriends do.  What a rare treat!  My children are awfully lucky to grow up in a neighborhood with such sweet friends all around.
Finally, the moms in Connor's preschool class pulled together a dinner at one of my all time favs - Wahoo Grill "to toast Baby Willingham!"  They had flowers and wonderful boy-centered gifts.  There were 9 of us there and we had a ball.  Usually we only see each other in passing during drop off and pick up.  It is during events like these we are reminded how much we have in common - working moms with 4-year-olds in the same classroom.  We were there for hours!

I feel loved.  As does this Baby Boy!  Not long now.

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