Friday, July 1, 2011

Shake it UP!

This summer Connor was old enough to start Vacation Bible School at our church.  It is a weeklong program from 9 AM -12 noon every morning for a week.  I have decided these events are really cut out more for the stay-at-home parents when it comes to coordinating carpools, but Kirk and I really felt it was an important way for Connor to get involved at our church and make some friends.  So we committed ourselves to making the treks - and she jumped fearlessly into the program, "Shake It Up!"
Trinity did a great job.  While we became weary transporters with the 9 AM-12 noon arranagment while juggling full time jobs, Connor enjoyed and relished every moment.  She sang in the chapel, had "science" class, made more art projects than we know what to do with, and most importantly worshiped our God and made friends! 

I am bummed I don't have any photos of the group - as they were very well organized.  There was a church production they all participated in on Friday.  But here are a few of the goodies that came home with our little Vacation Bible Schooler:

The "Recipe for Happiness" (above) just makes me smile.  Only a 4 year old would have Princesses Playing with Barbies and Waiting for a Baby Brother!  We can't wait until next year's VBS.  Although I think I have made the decision I will just take the week off from work to ease the transportation woes and volunteer with the VBS group.

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  1. Awww, we had the exact opposite problem with our VBS: you had to have finished Kindy and it was 6:30-8, which we would not have been pleased with b/c of dinner & bedtime. :-P