Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gobble Gobble

We had a yummy and wonderful Thanksgiving with our families. This was our first turkey day at home in 3 years! In Belgium this was obviously not a recognized holiday. Kirk had to work all day and it was hard to be totally festive with Thanksgiving ingredients nearly impossible to find! It certainly made me appreciate this holiday all the more. We all need a time to be especially thankful for all we have been given.I think Mom was especially excited to get Connor home for Thanksgiving!
So was Cara! We are fortunate we don't have to make all or nothing decisions on who to spend the holiday with since both families are local. Two families means double the blessings and double the dinners! Here Connor leads the way on Feast #2 at Cara and Poppa Ed's!
Back at Lin-Lin's Connor had a ball riding down the driveway on her bike!
It was a daring and fun trick...
Here's hoping you had a thankful Thanksgiving too!

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  1. Not having to split holidays IS a blessing!!!!