Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here Comes Santa Clause!

On Saturday we took our little one to see the highly-acclaimed Phipps Santa.  You have to make reservations in October for an appointment - but it is totally worth it not to have to endure the mall lines.  We stepped right on up!
Connor was pretty pumped!
I love how consumerism has not yet touched Connor.  Her Christmas Wish List was pretty simplistic.  A new blue blanket, sparkly shoes, a new butterfly pillow and a DOC doll (from Snow White).  I am sure Santa was a little perplexed with a "new blue muh-muh" request, but hopefully he can scrounge up something in his workshop!

For the first time Connor was all smiles (the last years have been tearful!)

Kirk and I were giddy on the sidelines as Connor and Santa were deep in conversation.  Connor reported that Santa asked how old she was.  She promptly answered "3!" and then "How old are you, Santa?"
Santa was pretty clever.  His answer, "I am not old yet!"

I can't wait to get this year's photo.  Electronic image is below.  We should have the printed ones very soon.  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

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