Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amicalola Falls

Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people!

Our minister at Trinity Presbyterian recently recalled this kids' poem, stressing how it is really the PEOPLE who are the church. Coming back to Atlanta has been fascinating. Of course we miss traveling around Europe. But there is something special about being home that trumps even the wonder of world travel. Home means routine, rhythm, friends, family, church. And I missed our church more than I realized. We dove headfirst into renewing our church participation. One activity involved attending the annual churchwide retreat at Amicalola Falls. We went not really knowing anyone, but open to those we would grow to know better.Amicalola Falls in the Georgia mountains was beautiful. Truthfully we didn't even hike down to see the waterfalls but fully engaged in the mountains air and beauty from above.There were lots of field day/get-to-know-you games. Kirk and Connor were in one group and I was in another as we went from station to station completing new tasks. In the game below the group had to balance on a beam and rearrange by birthday without falling off and without speaking.It was a challenge!Connor liked the birthday game, but the monkey bars were even more fun!By far the most touching part of the weekend came when all these tween girls honed in on Connor and adopted them as one of their own. They watched over her and tended to her with adoring attention. Connor adored them right back. She thought she was 11 or 12 years old and loved all these "big girls!" Her newfound friends.They patiently played "Ring Around the Rosie" and when we went hiking Connor was so cute as she scampered away from us to keep up with them calling out "Big girls, wait for me!" My heart just melted.Connor was the youngest "kid" there. The retreat really seemed geared towards families with elementary or middle school age children. Can you spy her with her "big kids"?In the evening we went with the "big girls" and Connor to the Birds of Prey show.
Connor of course sat with her "big girls" and paid no mind to us!In the evening we were led in a square dance. It was tons of fun. Who knew we had it in us, but we were heel-toe-ing and dosy-do-ing right on down the line. Connor didn't want to miss out on the dance so sweet Kirk scooped her up in his arms and did the line dance with both of us. Someone came up to me the next day saying how Kirk dancing with Connor just exemplified good, wholesome family fun. Just the kind of fun the retreat was designed to nurture and encourage. I couldn't have agreed more.The next day dawned rainy, cold and fogged in at the Lodge. But never mind when the "Big Girls" were still there to dote on and read to Connor.
It was a super duper weekend! Just as the poem said, we were able to "open the doors and see all the people!"

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  1. Wonderful! And funny - our church up here is Trinity Presby, too! :-)