Saturday, October 30, 2010

Frazer the Bird

Frazer the Bird lives at Connor's school. She loves saying "Good Morning!" and "Goodbye!" to Frazer every single day. You can sign up to take Frazer home for the weekend so we decided to give it a try. A trial pet with only a weekend of responsibility! Poor Frazer. It must be a hard life to have preschoolers poking at you all the time. And a new house to visit every weekend. Frazer came complete with a cover. Every night his cage is covered up for some peace and quiet. Much deserved.
Frazer came complete with instructions....
The most important below....
It reads, "Parents, there is only one rule: If anything should happen to Frazer in your care, we understand, we just ask that you replace him (same color)." Too funny. Although when we buckled Frazer up in the seatbelt to return to school I sighed in relief that we didn't have to enact the "same color" rule!

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