Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

Recently we went pumpkin pickin' with neighbor friends, Rick and Christy and their two girls. Rick and Christy were our first Atlanta friends 8 years ago when we moved next door to each other. My how our families have since grown! They are the friends we always seem to do farm/u-pick type activities with - blueberries, pumpkins, next year we may try apples!A nearby church floods their grounds with pumpkins of every shape and size in October. It is a quick and easy jaunt but has all the excitement of a real live pumpkin patch. Picking just the right pumpkins to take home is serious business!
We of course had to snap some friend and family shots for posterity....the last time we were doing this together was a week before we moved to Belgium. The feelings then of stress and transition were as ripe as the pumpkins. Another full circle moment.

Connor got tickled. The photo of us laughing makes me smile. I hope my little girl is never too old to take to the pumpkin patch!
Connor and Palmer found their perfect pumpkins.
We are all ready for Fall and Halloween now with our family of pumpkins on our front stoop!

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  1. YES! *Never* too old for pumpkin patching!!! :-)