Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Week of Soccer Fun

Connor is now playing soccer on a Sunday afternoon YMCA league. The first practice/game was last Sunday. We had just moved to our house, and to our delight the games are played on a field walkable from our house. It could not have been a more perfect Fall afternoon. Connor has never played soccer or with a team before. The entire experience was a lot like herding cats, but I guess there will be a three year old learning curve.
Swim buddies Maury and Aidan are on Connor's team - yeah! I love these photos. The two soccer stars and their balls, socks, shinguards, and too-big t shirts. Priceless. And the one below where the two are on the field and Maury is showing Connor his boo boo! Connor's face seems so empathetic. She loves Maury.

I am not sure why the t shirts are so large. They were like little grey marshmellows trotting around the field.
No score kept on the Y League. (How very PC). Of course at the end Coach Ted had them all "line up like a train" to give high fives and "good games"....
...then it was snack time. I underestimated the importance of snack with three year olds. It was the clear highlight. Here's to the start of our team sports involvement.

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