Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation Dave!

Cousin David recently graduated from Davidson College.  It was a very proud day.  There is no doubt in my mind that our Apa was smiling down from Heaven at David's accomplishment and milestone...along with David's father, Jim.

Howard, the beaming mom (my beaming aunt) thought of just about everything to make the day simply perfect.  Right down to ordering these cute "Graduation Dave" t-shirts for all the children present.  It was a warm and beautiful ceremony under the oak trees.  The perfect setting to honor all of David's hard work.  

I am not sure how many renditions of Pomp and Circumstance we listened to as the graduates filed in but it never gets old.

Sweet Walker fell asleep right in Howard's lap!
The proud graduate!
The proud family!  I love to see our family smiles together.  It is very comforting.
The sun was at times direct and at times behind a cloud.  Davidson is small enough to still call out each and every graduates' name as they walk across the stage.  400 names take a while...but worth it for the one name we were waiting to hear!

Lin Lin was there!  So was Cara!  Connor was in Grandmother Bliss!

All of Meme and Apa's Grandchildren (+ one great grandchild in utero)!
The Millican Family!  What a good looking group.  Jim is definitely there in spirit cheering you on!
After the graduation we walked across the street for the coziest, most intimate lunch at Davidson's Carolina Inn.  Howard had everything arranged just right.  There were tweeting birds and coloring books for the kids.  And a delicious lunch for all the growling tummies!

Graduation Group!  We were so lucky to have family from all over come to honor David and be together.

Mom made this beautiful pastel of two swallows.  David continues a strong Brown family tradition of birding.  In fact he won a scholarship for the next year to follow the migration patterns of swallows from British Columbia to Argentina.  Pretty exciting!

Welcome to the Davidson Alumni Club, David!

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  1. This is precious! As was your GORGEOUS ballerina! (Today is the first day blogger is letting me post comments, again :-/)