Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jungle Room Homework

Connor loves her class - she can't wait for school and is often reluctant to leave.  They are a fun group of kids.  Recently Connor came home with her first real homework project.  Of course it was right in the middle of graduations, bday parties, Disney, being 8 months pregnant and budget time at my work...  

Connor was assigned this page in the book Go, Train, Go! (below - the title page) to "recreate" at home.  Each child got a page or so.  The assignment wasn't entirely clear.  I asked Miss Gigi if it meant we should just have Connor redraw the illustration?  No, she said.  "Recreate" means using shadowboxes and props and our imagination - great.
So one morning before school I raided our cereal cabinet and leftover goodies from the bday party and together Connor and I made her "recreation."  It was a family effort - Kirk suggested the cotton ball smoke.  There were Cheerio and Golden Graham cars, gumball wheels and Twizzler tracks.  When they put all the children's "pages" together it really was pretty impressive for preschool.

My favorite activity they do in their class is sign in everyday.  Each morning they write their names on this wipe board.  What terrific practice!  Connor is now a pro at scripting her name.

They really have quite a crafty class.  The other day this wooden plank airplane mosaic came home.  Pretty cool.  Sometimes I miss being in craft mode all day everyday!
Here is a shot of their class.  Look at those sweet smiles!  20 children in one class and 6 teachers (for some reason half the teachers were missing for the class photo).  I am thankful for the love, attention and instruction Connor receives in this wonderful environment.  We are lucky to have this school so close.

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