Saturday, June 11, 2011

Princess Coming Thru!

How many little girls are as lucky as this?  Cara and Poppa Ed planned a family trip to Disney World in late May.  With the exception of being a little limited by pregnancy it was a perfect trip.We missed Uncle Ryan but otherwise all the Uncles and Girlfriends joined the gang.  Connor definitely had her fill of attention with 8 adults and 1 child.
We didn't stay together as a big group during the day since we all had different "to dos" and Disney favorites.  Katherine and Davis win the Park Hopper award for being the most hard core.  I think they hit 2-3 parks each day we were there!

Day 1 we of course had to be at The Magic Kingdom as it opened.  It was one of my favorite parts.  They have a little "Good Morning/Welcome" song and dance the characters sing.  Pregnancy hormones got the better of me.  I was in tears with the excitement, anticipation and joy on Connor's face!

While the Uncles took on the roller coasters we lined up to see the Princesses.  Yep, we are smack in the princess-obsession-age!  Connor thought they were absolutely wonderful.  She was a tad shy at first but warmed up and even asked them story appropriate questions (my favorite was when she asked Ariel, "Why did you disobey your father, King Tritan?" - I bet Ariel doesn't get that one everyday!)

While we waited in line we sang all of the Princess songs - I Walked With You Once Upon a Dream, Someday my Prince Will Come, and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.  I know - it is all a little over the top, but that is what the Disney magic is all about.  All the Princesses signed Connor's autograph book with big beautiful curvy letters.

One night Cara bought Connor a new Ariel dress in preparation for her upcoming "Princess Breakfast at Epcot."  Connor was delighted with the purchase - she wore the gown right out of the store.  I swear she was floating.  When we drove back from Downtown Disney (where we purchased the dress) to Old Key West (where we were staying), Connor was full of the Ariel spirit and sparkling with glitter.  When our car reached the welcome gate it was a rare moment of evening silence in the dark car.  All of a sudden and totally unprovoked Connor shouts out, "Princess coming through!" to the gate guard.  We all burst into belly-aching laughter.  Where does she come up with these things?!?
The Princess Breakfast was definitely a highlight.  Connor was dancing in line she was so happy!

It was a delicious family style breakfast.  When our bellies were full the anticipated Princesses came one by one to our table for photos and some conversation.

Here Connor tells Cinderella that she is now FOUR!

Now if I ever need a chuckle or pick-me-up in the middle of the day I just think of my silly girl shouting out "Princess Coming Through!" in the car as we went through that welcome gate.

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