Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Mice

When it comes right down to it, Disney World is really about the mice.  Mickey and Minnie are the ultimate host and hostess to the plate of magic and fun.  So even though the princesses ranked high, Mickey deserved a visit and our thanks!

It wouldn't be the Magic Kingdom without sticky, drippy lollipops for Connor!

And oh the rides!  We beelined it straight to the Dumbo Flying Elephant Ride!
And the nearby carousel.

Followed by "It's a Small World!"  I bet we heard 200 choruses of "It's a World of Laughter, A World of Fun..."
The Pooh Ride had us bouncing around in Honey Pots!  Only at Disney would we wait 40 minutes for such a ride.
The next day at Epcot we found Mickey and friends again!  We thought Connor would certainly want autographs from Goofy, Donald, Pluto and friends.  But when we made it to the front of the line Connor became very clingy and stand off-ish...except with Minnie.  It wasn't til after the line up that she stuck to her earlier assertion that she ONLY likes the characters with skirts!  (Translation - she doesn't like characters who wear pants!)  Hmmm.  The poor male characters didn't get so much as a high five...

Even though she showed some reluctance with the "characters who wore pants," Connor surprised me with her love of big girl rides and everything else the parks had to offer.  At Animal Kingdom Kirk took her on the Dinosaur roller coaster.  I was certain she would hate it - but they both proved me wrong!

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